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Benefits of green roofing

Planting rooftops of urbanized areas have a lot of benefits for public, economic and social sectors, along with local and global environments. The functions of all the green roofs might be the same but each one’s installation is different, so their performances keep varying by regions, climate, building and the type and layout of the green roof. The installation of green roof systems has a number of benefits, some of them are mentioned below.

Provides a rainwater buffer

The rainwater is absorbed by the green roof due to the water buffering mechanism in plants. This phenomenon decreases the rate of rainwater discharged to sewage, purifies the rainwater and then the water is evaporated to through plants. This mechanism keeps the ground water levels stable, reduces the load on the sewage systems and reduces the chances of flooding.

Reduces temperature

Plants are good absorbers of sunlight, 50% of the sunlight is absorbed by the plants and whereas only 30% is reflected, hence plants help to keep the climate cool and pleasant. This pleasant reduction in the temperature means that the ACs don’t have to work so hard, which means that green roofs are good for energy saving too. The cut back on energy consumptions will also have a positive effect on the environment and the climate, it could also mean an almost 3-degree centigrade decrease in the temperature in the city where green roofs are installed.

Reduce ambient noise & Increases Solar Panel Effectiveness

The temperature on the green roof is less than a normal rooftop, due to this cooler roof, the solar panels’ efficiency is increased which also accounts for the reduction in your energy costs. A green roof absorbs sound and thus also acts as a sound barrier too. It provides a calm and quieter environment, inside your building as well as on the outside.

Adds Value & Increases Lifespan

The green roof acts as a protector for your roof from the harmful external factors such as sun, rain, wind and drastic temperature changes. It doubles or triples the lifespan of the roof. All the benefits from the green roof along with the natural and calming appearance of the roof give the value of your property a good boost.

Increases biodiversity

The plants, the sedums, grasses included in the green roof boosts the habitat of creatures like birds, butterflies, and insects. Spending time in a green environment has a positive effect on the attitude of people and their well-being. Greenery promotes relaxation and stress reduction.

Creates fire-resistant layers

Green plants contain a lot of moisture in them and don’t easily catch fire. A green roof would be a fire-resistant layer on our house or office building.

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