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The Best Way to Have Roof Installation NYC Services

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Are you waiting for your present roof to leak and then search for a roof installation service provider? If your thought process is such then you are doing a big mistake. The reason is that when you notice a leak then the damage that has happened to your building structure would require quite a few dollars to come back to shape.

The only way out is to have the services of Roofing Champ, one of the best Roof Installation NYC service provider. You may be thinking why it is that our services have to be chosen. There are many such reasons which make us stand out from the rest. The first and foremost reason is that the work will be done well by us and your investment will be beneficial for 20-30 years.

We can present our license, our workers’ qualification certificates, and our liability insurance. We are one who can present before you references of satisfied customers who will recommend us to have your work done by us. Last but not the least we never compromise on construction material or quality of work to offer an affordable service.

We at Roofing Champ believe that the residence of New York City needs to have admittance to high excellence and reliable Roof Installation services. We have been installing and repairing roofs in NYC for quite a while and have the experiences as well as skill needed to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Each of our roof contractors has years of knowledge in the field as well as being educated to use the latest equipment. We make it our goal to get the job done in the shortest amount of time while providing exceptional prices and quality.

We only use the utmost quality of material taking into account all kinds of weather conditions and effects, such as discoloration, fungi, staining, and moss. With years of knowledge under our belts and tons of happy customers that seek our services and recommend us, we are without the doubt the best roofing contractors in the New York Area that will bring you high-quality roof repairs and installations at any time of the day any day of the year. Over the years we have performed thousands of roofing services. We offer high-quality workmanship and craftsmanship for all roofing installation and repair projects. The high quality of our best Roof Installation NYC service has helped us gain an honest and well-received name in the New York Area where we can walk with our heads held high.

You can also depend on us to have the best of roof repairs, roof flashing, gutter, and downspouts services.

Let Roofing Champ be your friend when you need the best of roof installation at your New York property. It is quite easy to have a free quote from us by giving us a call at 917-983-3314. You can know more about our services by being at

Why Do You Count On Professional NYC Roofing Services Annually?

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Threats like storms, high winds, and hurricanes cost up to billions of dollars every year. Annual maintenance of roof can help you reduce the damage to the roof of your house.

Roofing maintenance is the work no one wants to think about. It’s very easy to put off and ignore. Here are a few reasons why require professional roofing services in NYC for annual maintenance:

Save You Money: – A routine inspection can help you spot the minor problems ahead of time. If the roof related problems are spotted earlier, it will be cheaper.

Therefore, you should seek for a skillful roofing contractor at least once a year and save money in the long run. After all, your home is exposed to weather conditions since being built. A roofing expert will tell you clearly how much your roof is left in it.

Clutter-free Gutters: – Check out gutters, while doing roofing maintenance to make sure they are clear. This task should be done every fall. A blocked gutter can prevent draining of rainwater from the roof properly. It can lead to leakage on your roof and walls.

Besides, debris and dry leaves build-up can cause pipes to collapse – which will damage your home. Even during winter, the trapped gutter water may freeze and damage the pipes- which can be costly to replace.

Hence, you should ensure that the gutters remain clutter-free year-round.

Durability: –You should schedule a maintenance session with roofing services in NYC, especially if you want to extend the life of your roof. Over the years of use, your roof needs to be replaced. But a good roof, that’s maintained properly, will last for many years.

Replacement of entire roof can be expensive, but doing annual roofing maintenance can help you avoid this situation.

Bad-Weather Resistance: –Bad weather conditions can cost you more as they can do more damage to your roof. Strong winds can lift up and shatter loose tiles while heavy rain can exploit existing weakness to leakage to your home.

Hence, do check on the roof with professional NYC roofing services in the summer as the summer weather is perfect for roofing maintenance. It’ll be a lot easier to spot the issues in the sunlight and you won’t need to fight against the weather elements to get the job done.

Beautiful Look: –No one wants a moss-covered or algae filled roof. There’s nothing that makes a roof really bad like the sour-green films covering the shingles.

Therefore, it’s highly suggested to get the algae, mold, and plants cleaned off today with roofing services in NYC and keep your home as appealing as it was the day you bought it.

After all, plants and algae growth can damage the roofing system over a long time period, if left to grow out of control.

Book Your Annual Roofing Maintenance in NYC: –

Roofing Champ is a reliable roofing company in NYC specializes in everything to do with roofs. Our expert roofs can inspect the roof, identify and iron out any roofing problems with extensive knowledge, accuracy, and efficiency.

Contact Roofing Champ to provide an obligation-free quote for roofing services in NYC. No matter whatever your roofing needs are, we’ll help you get covered with speed and confidence.

Please don’t be shy to tell us about your roofing problems in NYC. For more information about our NYC roofing services, check out our portfolio to know how we serve our clients.

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Know the Warning Signs before Calling a Professional for Roof Installation in NYC

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It is crucial to have a solid roof over your head in order to enjoy a warm, comfortable and leak-proof home. It not only keeps you safe but also protects your household items from the weather effect years after year. With regular repair and safeguarding, your roof in NYC will function efficiently, but one day it may fail completely. The roof starts to look old, worn out and seems not working in spite of all your preventive maintenance. If replacing a dripping or leaking roof in your NYC home is delayed, it may create bigger problems that would be pricey to fix. Roof Installation in NYC is highly important, just because, by the time you spot a leak, the structural design of your home would have been affected and the expenses needed to repair things might even become double. So watch out for the early signs to avoid such heavy expenses in the future.

Installation of your roof NYC will undoubtedly be one of the biggest investments in your life in the home. If it is properly done, the investment will be effective for at least 20-30 years, but a poorly done roof might cause you a huge loss. For all these things, a roof installation in NYC can be risky. Therefore, you will have to differentiate the reliable and professional roofing contractors from the unreliable and inefficient ones before going on hiring for one of them.

When you decide to hire an NYC roof installation firm, the following points should be considered to be sure that you make the most of your investment:

  • Check for the firm’s license, the workers’ experience, their liability insurance etc.
  • You need to ask for its previous customer references, personally, call them each and gather information about the roofing firm. If you get negative feedback or the contractor does not readily give the client references, you may get suspicious.
  • Be doubtful of local roofing contractors who approach you with a great deal. You will have to be extra careful if it happens immediately after a storm has done severe damage in your locality. It is a regular tactic for scam roofers to woo customers with amateurs and poor quality material.

Without professionals, you too can figure out the condition of your roof. There are a few warning signs which may cause you heavy expenses on ignorance. Let’s have a look at the signs which tell you to require a new roof installation in NYC.

What are the Early Signs of Roof Installation in NYC?

  1. If your roof seems to be in good condition even after being 2 decades older, it might have developed some underlying issues.
  2. If the asphalt shingles are curling, buckling or losing granules, they may be way past their durability.
  3. Not all the shingles are intact, rather a few missing on the roof.
  4. If the roof is losing more shingle granules which ended up in your gutters.
  5. If you find a lot of  wet spots, stains or leaks underneath the roof deck or on a rafter in the attic space

We at Roofing Champ assure to provide the local residents the reliable and high-quality roof installation in NYC services in NYC. Our main focus is to make your roof installation strong, exceptional. We have been in the business of installing and repairing roofs in NYC for years. Our roofing contractors have the qualification, experience, and training to get the roofing done fast and efficiently.  To install your roof properly, quickly and at amazing prices, consider calling us for roof installation in NYC!

Don’t delay your roof installation work! Contact Roofing Champs at or make a call at 646-647-3208 to know the price of Roof Installation NYC services Now!

Want To Install A New Roof? Know Which Material Should You Choose

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The right selection of roofing materials will offer you a good-looking, efficient home, whereas the wrong selection not just hinder your curb appeal but your overall comfort inside the building as well. All the roof types avail there have their own pros & cons and knowing them is the secret to making the most favorable decision. Not only installation of the roof but you also need to be aware of a good roofing contractor who can do roof repair as well in NYC. If you are looking to upgrade the roof of your NYC home, keep reading to discover which material you must pick.

Cedar shakes & shingles:

If you’re after a rustic design with a natural look, cedar shakes & shingles might be your best bet. Wood usually is recognized for its capability to infuse a natural flair regardless of the design, and your roof is no exemption. Cedar shakes & shingles are especially riveting since they age wonderfully, and you get to see the procedure occur. These roofs are both durable and competent, so they will last long & help keep your electricity bill low. Also, they do an excellent job of holding up during unfavorable weather. However, cedar shakes & shingles are wood, which entails that you will have to offer regular upkeep to make the most of your roof. It’s easy to repair roofs with Cedar shakes & shingles.

Asphalt composition:

If you are looking for versatility & variety, asphalt composition roof could be your best bet. This material avails in an amazing range of color & design options. This type of roof can fit in with roofs of all types, sizes & configurations. Besides their visual contributions, asphalt composition roofs are also ideal for families. They withstand impact, stand up against storms, and even prevent the fire from spreading out. If you are living in an area that is cold throughout the years, it is smart to invest in this kind of roof. Repairing roofs with Asphalt composition are easy with a professional roofing contractor in NYC.

Synthetic shake:

Just like asphalt, a synthetic shake is defiant to both impact & fire, only these roofing substances are considerably lighter. They’re still durable, and they don’t deteriorate easily because of the sun. Since they can be recycled easily at the end of their life, they are a perfect green solution as roofing for your home.

Get your roof repair in  NYC done by Roofing Champ – a specialized roofing service both for the residential and commercial purposes. With years of experience and tons of happy customers, we are no doubt the most reliable roofing solution to consider in NYC. To get a free quote or schedule a roofing service, feel free to call on 917-983-3314.

What are the Reasons to Rely on Professional NYC Roof Repair Service?

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The strong and solid roof of your NYC building experiences natural wear and tear due rain, heat, hail and harsh sun. In this case, you can keep up on the roof repair requirements of your home by relying on professional NYC roof repair service providers. Getting the assistance of the experienced roof repair technicians will help in preventing a damaged roof from causing structural problems throughout the building by fixing the issues in an efficient way.

Please read on to find out the reasons that state the importance of hiring a roof repair service provider in NYC!

There are different types of issues that can cause a roof repair, which the experts can only handle, such as:

  • Roof leaks: Any kind of damage to the roofing materials and underlying roof frame creates roof leaks, as it allows precipitation to drip into the attic and through the ceiling.

  • Flashing Issues: A properly fixed flashing minimizes the deterioration of the roofing and wood rot. Whereas a loose flashing (caused due to bad weather and high winds) can lead to damage the roof.

  • Loose or Missing Shingles: A missing, loose or broken shingle needs to be fixed as soon as possible to avoid any kind of damage to your roof frame.

What makes you leave the roof repair on the professionals in NYC?

  • Safety: Safety is one of the first reasons that require you to rely on the experienced roof repair professionals in NYC. The experts are well-trained to work safely on roofs to fix the issues. By using the right safety gear, the roof repair professionals ensure the highest quality work.

  • Quality: If you want a quality work to be done, then opt for the industry best professionals. The experienced and highly professional roof repair technicians can efficiently handle and fix any type of roof repair issues. With the reliable roofing technicians, you will get an assurance of enjoying highest quality work at the best price.

  • Peace of Mind: By hiring a professional for your roof repair, you will not have to worry about anything. The expert roofing technicians are aware of using the right type of products, materials, advanced tools and techniques to ensure a hassle free roof repair solutions. No doubt, hiring roof repair technicians can save you a lot of time and ensure the job done with great care and perfection.

  • Property Value and Curb Appeal: If you want to increase your property value, then it is important to maintain your roof. It is believed that a roof in top condition increases the property value among the buyers. For a meticulously well-maintained home or building, you need to rely on the professionals who can efficiently fix the roof repair issues that can enhance the property’s aesthetics and curb appeal.

In any case, as a home owner you must know all these but what you would not miss knowing about the best time for Roof Repair; Ideally it varies from situation to situation; A leaky roof repair is done after fall when its little warm where are many minor roof repairs can be done throughout the year with dry climatic condition.

When quality, efficiency, and safety matters, you must rely on the professionals to get a superior quality roof repair, installation & maintenance. To hire the expert NYC roof repair professionals, rely on Roofing Champ! We are the experts in handling a wide variety of roof repair issues that save time and money.

Contact us today at 646-647-3208 to learn more about our roof repair services and pricing!

6 Reasons You Should Always Call for Professional Roofing Service in NYC

If the roof of your home is slightly/severely damaged over these years or there is water leakage or water draining problems with the roof and you want to fix it fast, the professional roofing services in NYC will be effective enough. These will be part of professional activities of an expert roofing contractor who cares to check the condition of the roof and give the best solutions for repair or replacement. Before you move on too fast with the selection, you need to know what exactly a roofing service in NYC is. This is something which assures to address and fix different issues in the roof with high standard construction work.

Roofing services in NYC cover installing, repairing, replacing, and maintaining residential, commercial and industrial roofs of customers throughout the city. A skillful and experienced roofing contractor is someone you can depend on for prompt and efficient roofing services. He is capable of handling any old or damaged roof with special tricks and techniques. With year long experience, the roofing contractor acquires an in-depth knowledge of the materials and equipment required to manage your residential or commercial roofing in NYC successfully.

The roof is the crucial part of your home which helps protect the remaining of the structure and keeps your family and belongings safe. It also involves a great investment. You can’t take roof damage repair needs lightly. Even if you are caught unaware of the possible signs of roof damage, but a roofing contractor can spot them fast. Calling for professional roofing services contractor to serve the roofing needs has its reasons too; some of them are as follows:

  1. It Saves Time & Money

    Saving their time and money is the highest concern of many homeowners when it comes to accomplishing roofing projects in NYC. As amazing as it may look, using professional roofing service in NYC costs lower than you actually spend to repair a damaged or broken roof on your own. It also causes less disruption in your daily home life and office workflow, saving the time and attention on installation of repair of roofs that are heavily damaged.

  2. Roofing Done with the Right Tools & Materials

    Professional roofers prefer to use high-quality materials and the right tools to ensure the roof repairs or replacement stand the test of time, keeping your family and household items safe for a longer period. They carry the tools and materials along with them in order to save you from purchasing poor quality materials available at the local stores which can’t even withstand any snowfall or storm.

  3. It Recommends Whether to Repair or Replace

    Most of the NYC residents face confusion about when to repair or replace their roof. The roofing services of a professional contractor will include consultation and recommendation of which problems can be repaired and which will need a new installation.

  4. Fast Pace Repair

    Professional roofing services in NYC are delivered at a faster pace to complete the job on time and protect the assets from getting exposed to snow, rain and other environmental factors for long.

  5. It Ensures Safety

    Working on a roof repair or replacement is risky, especially when you are inexperienced. However, professional roofing services in NYC come with experience and expertise of contractors who know which equipment to use for safe roofing work and how to avoid the chances of physical injury during the job.

  6. It Includes Warranties

    The materials and labor used in professional roofing services are covered by a warranty which safeguards you against certain kinds of roof damage and repair.

Whether you need roof flashing, roof repairs, roof installations or saggy gutters and downspouts fixing services, consider Roofing Champ for fast, affordable and efficient roofing services in NYC. We are one of the leading roofing agencies specialized in delivering the professional quality residential and commercial roofing solutions and services to property users around the New York City. We are represented by an expert team of roofing contractors who keep focused on providing the exceptional solutions specific to roof condition and budget of customers. To enjoy the long lasting and satisfying roofing services in NYC, Roofing Champ can be called at
646-647-3208 today!

Signs of a leaking

Almost every individual living New York City either entirely overlooks taking care of their roof or do so occasionally and half-heartedly. Though many prefer calling a professional roofing service for roof emergencies but the honest truth is by carefully looking after or maintaining a roof you can increase its life expectancy quite a bit. In most cases people face major damage to their roofs mainly due to leaking the sooner you find a leak in your roof the easier and cheaper it will be to do roofing repairs. To help you contact Best Roofing NYC for roof services as soon as you find a leak in your roof, we will provide you everything you’ll need to know to find and repair your leaky roof without incurring heavy damage and charges.

Signs of a Leaking Roof

Waiting to repair your roof before seeing water getting through your roof won’t take too long but the damages might take longer to repair – as well as costing more. It’s important that you keep a close eye open for any damages to your roof because waiting too long to take action can result in more damage and higher repair charge.

Absent or damaged shingles

Rather than waiting to see visible damage, it’s smart idea to inspect your roof from time to time. If you find missing or damaged shingles it’s certain that water will get through the roof, which can decay the wood sheathing. This results in higher repairer charges and can even require you to replace your entire roof. Get shingles repaired or replaced as soon as you find out they are missing or broken for maximum safety.

Issues with flashing

Flashing refers to the material that covers the joints of a roof in places where water could get in your roof from. These are typically the main source of leaks and are mostly made of metal to prevent water from entering the roof. Look for signs of rust, missing or damaged parts to find whether the leak is caused by the flashing. There may likewise be areas where the flashing is damaged causing water to enter the roof.

Issues with dividers

If water has passed through the dividers in your walls it can easily be spotted due to peeling paint or discolored spots. His kind of water damage is mostly accompanied by damp stamps and dark stains in drywalls. Contacting a professional roofing service in NYC is the best method to stop further damage and repair your roof.

Look For Mold

In case any leaks in your roof go undetected for some time it’s highly likely that they will cause mold. This can cause a variety of issues for our roof as well as your health. A moldy roof has been known to cause sore throats and skin irritation along with many other issues. Finding and removing mold in your roof or attic can help identify the leakage as well. After you find the source of leakage, call a professional NYC roofing service to provide a quick and effective solution!

If you’re someone in need of roof repairs, roof installations or any other roofing services, contact Best Roofing NYC for fast, efficient and affordable roofing services!



How to determine whether your roof needs to be repaired or replaced

We get a lot of calls from our happy customers after our work is finished. Everyone wants high-quality material used for their house roof, but it is a fact that materials do have a life span too. In NYC, homes and commercial residences we see are mostly made of asphalt shingles. The lifespan of asphalt shingles is approximately between 20-25 years. It’s tough to decide whether to repair your current roof or have it totally replaced. It all depends on the age of your roof or the damages it has suffered over the years. Some signs which tell it’s time for a roof repair or replacement are mentioned below:

Wear and Tear

Things don’t last forever in life and the same can be said for roofs. As time goes on the lifespan of the roof and the roof shingles keep decreasing. The sooner the old shingles are assessed, the less there is to worry about. You can differentiate old and worn out shingles from the new ones in a number of ways. If the shingles you have on your roof are, cracked, curled or missing, maybe it’s time to get a new roof installed. Old shingles lose their granules over time (granules are the minerals which give the shingles their texture and protects them from sunlight). Roof shingles have taken on years of various weather conditions, and as their useful life comes to a near end, you should consider having a new roof installed before more damage occurs.


The damage caused by heat and humidity should not be taken easily. As the temperature rises, it’s not uncommon to observe exterior decay and the peeling off of interior and exterior paint. Humidity and heat combined can also cause interior stains, mold, and mildew too. This type of damage is usually due to inadequate shingle installment, which leads to an attic with bad ventilation. Look out for any of these signs because humidity can hurt more than just your physical belongings.

Leaky Roof

If you notice a leaky roof, then it’s obvious that a repair is needed. If you observe water dripping, wet spots on the ceiling or a puddle on your floor, my friend your roof is the criminal and it needs repairing or else it can lead to water damage in your house. A leak in the roof may be caused by a number of reasons, such as ice build-up, rain damage, extreme weather conditions, mislaid shingles or old age. In some cases, a leaky roof is obvious to the observer, but in some cases, it might not be as obvious.

Savings in a new roof

If you don’t see any physical damage to your roof or your house, you should check out your electric bill. A durable and convenient roof is one that keeps out moisture, hot and cold temperatures and furry critters. Your energy requirement for cooling and heating may increase if your roof in not creating sufficient ventilation through the attic. With a good roof installed in your house, you can save a lot of energy and reduce your electric bill.

If you’re someone in need of roof repairs, roof installations or any other roofing services, contact Best Roofing NYC for fast, efficient and affordable roofing services!


How to choose the right roofing service

There’s no lack of Roofing Services in New York City but there is a lack of roofing agencies that can provide quality installments and repairs in the smallest time while offering the best prices. No one wants a roofer that cuts corners in their job to try and lessen the workload. You should always try to work with professional roofing services and we at Best Roofing NYC want to provide you with the method to do so. All roofing services aren’t the same and Best Roofing NYC recommend you carefully analyze your roof service provider before hiring them for the job.

Do They Have Proper License & Insurance?

The roofing contractor in NYC you choose needs to have proper insurance for all their employees as well as being licensed to carry out their services. If the NYC roofing service you chose doesn’t have proper insurance for their employees that can lead to litigation between the service provider and the homeowner. Make sure to always ask for a copy of their license to ensure they are qualified to undertake your roofing project.

Choose Local Contractor

Always go with a local roofing service in New York City. A local roofing service doesn’t mean that they’ve just started providing their services but rather have been providing their services for quite a while and have built quite a good name for themselves. At Best Roofing NYC we receive many clients that were taken in by a 5-year warranty for roof repairs by other roofing services to only find out that the roofing company has vanished or moved to another city.

Price Never Beats Quality

Always keep in mind that choosing the lowest price is never the best option. There is a reason why a roofing service offers extremely low prices. It’s highly likely that any roofing service provider that provides a lot lower prices than the average roofing service provider doesn’t have an overhead facility or insurance charges, which allows them to provide their services at very low prices. Opting to work with such cheap NYC roofing services can prove to be very costly down the line.

Communication Is Important

You can tell a lot about a roofing service through the way they communicate. How long do they take to answer your calls? Do they call back? How long do they take to respond to your e-mails? If you feel like communication is lacking between you and the roofing agency talk it over with the roofing service. If they still can’t improve their communication it’s better for you to move on. Communication is key to every project.

Who Does All The Work?

As surprising as it may seem, most roofing services in New York City subcontract their work out to other service providers rather than doing it themselves. It’s crucial to ask whether the work will be subcontracted out to 3rd parties and whether they will be paid. If the subcontractors aren’t being paid, there’s a high possibility they can file a mechanic’s lien on your property.

Best Roofing NYC has been providing professional roofing ng services in NYC for years and help you determine the best possible approach to fixing, installing or replacing your roof. Contact us today or request a free quote to get started!

Why choose a professional roofing service

The roof is by far the most important part of any home. It ensures the safety of the entire home which is why many people find it intimidating to deal with issues with their roof. It is extremely important for your roof to be durable and strong to withstand the elements like rain and snow so that your home stays safe. In some cases fixing your own roof can be more affordable but in most cases, it can lead to further damages. Choosing a professional New York City Roofing service can provide you with an easy and efficient solution for your all roofing needs in NYC. Here are some benefits of choosing a professional NYC Roofing Service.

It’s More Affordable

Affordability is probably the biggest concern many homeowners face when deciding to hire professional NYC roofing services. As surprising as it may seem, hiring a professional New York Roofing service is a lot more affordable than actually try to repair a broken roof yourself. Depending on your line of work, it’s highly possible that you have little to no knowledge on how to repair or install a roof which can lead you to doing more damages.

It’s safer

Fixing a roof is no easy task it requires multiple tools and years of experiences so it’s only common sense that someone who’s trying to repair a roof the first time is bound to get hurt. A professional NYC Roofing Service has experienced individuals that have years of active experiences repairing and installing roofs as well as having the skills and knowledge to use the right tools. Rather than bringing harm to yourself and our roof, hiring professional roofing services is a much safer and affordable option.

Saves Time

Considering that you managed to get the leak in your roof fixed but was all the time you spent fixing it really worth it? If you haven’t repaired or installed a roof before its highly likely it will take you a lot more time than it will take a professional to repair your roof. If it’s a commercial establishment then chances are you’re repairing the roof will not only take our time but also the waste the time of your employees. A professional NYC Roofing Service can get the job done while disruption the workflow or your everyday life in your home as well as getting the roof fixed in the shortest time possible.

The Right Materials

Roof repairing requires a variety of tools and different materials. Most roofing materials available at your local store are relatively low quality and will not hold in case of any storms. Professional roofers in NYC have the right tools and high-quality materials to provide roof repairs that will last the test of time keeping you and your home safe.

If you’re someone in need of roof repairs, roof installations or any other roofing services, contact Best Roofing NYC for fast, efficient and affordable roofing services!