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We called Roofing Champ when our roof gutters were barely holding onto the rails. Their employees showed up in less than an hour and quickly got started. The job took way less time than I thought it would and after they were done the gutter looked good as new! I don’t know how they got done so fast but I’ll definitely be calling Roofing Champ whenever I need any kind of roof service.

Olen Harston

If you’re someone looking for a professional roofing services, repair or replacement, please call Roofing Champ Roof Services! Roofing Champ came to my home extremely fast and performed roofing services in a time conscious and professional manner. Their commitment and client administration is second to none! I’ll definitely be contacting Roofing Champ again for any roofing services I need in the future.

Richard Jagger

Each worker who came to by house seemed extremely talented and proficient in which each undertaking they satisfied. It was genuinely astonishing how quick and efficient the two roofing champ employees were, who did repairs, laid the felt and fiberglass shingles and I should likewise like to say some words of gratitude for roofing champ employees that worked so hard. I can’t think about some other occupation, where the work is so extreme and exhausting. Simply watching them made my spine ache. Indeed, even after all their diligent work, they went out looking just as great when they got here.


Roofing Champ installed a new soffit gutters on my remodeled house amazingly well! Roofing Champ   contractors were prompt, friendly and showed that Roofing Champ cared about providing a quality install. The Roofing Champ team arrived exactly on time and from what I could tell their tools were in great sharp! Thanks Roofing Champ for a quality professional job.”

Clem and Shelly

I simply needed to leave a review to thank you for the high caliber and administration that you and your organization provided for roof replacement for the rooftop on my place. I realize that occasionally it is underestimated that quality work will be performed, yet it has definitely been a joy working with you. Your High trustworthiness and watch over the work progress has left me impressed more than I had thought I’d be. I highly recommend that anyone reading this should give roofing champ a try if they need roofing services.


These guys did such a great job that I was motivated to actually leave a review. I asked them to repair the roof of my place since it was the rainy season and it had taken quite a bit of damage the job they did was amazing!

What impressed me the most was your attitude toward this work – your cooperation, sense of pride in the work to be done and the manner in which you kept me and my husband informed of what was going on. It was honestly a great experience and I high recommend others to give.